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Comfort pillow papillon air

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Comfort pillow papillon airThe airy

The cosy comfort pillow with its ergonomically contoured design is filled with soft down and feathers. This provides an airy surface for your head, with cosy and comfortable support for your head and neck. Case: fustian, 100% cotton, washable at up to 60 ┬░C. For side, back and front sleepers.

Nackenst├╝tzkissen papillon air | roviva
  • Optimal comfort height (13 cm)
  • Stabilization of the neck/neck area
  • Perfect support of the head
  • Optimal shoulder relief
  • Unhindered breathing in lateral position
  • Pillowcases in various colours


Matching jersey pillowcase for the papillon comfort pillow with zip closure, washable at up to 60 ┬░C, available in the colours white, red, sand, grey and blue.


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