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We show 275 years of industrial history. Visit our small museum and learn more about the beginnings of our family business.

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Industrial history

In 1748 Johannes Roth founded a horsehair spinning mill in Wangen an der Aare. Pioneering spirit and entrepreneurship drive him to build up a successful family business in Wangen an der Aare during the time of the old Swiss Confederation and long before the French Revolution. roviva is thus one of the oldest companies in Europe and the first mattress factory in Switzerland.

Competent since 1748


Pioneering work

Water power and steam engines drive the machines via transmission belts and transmission shafts in operation. Electricity and trucks are foreign words for a long time. Pioneering work is required not only in the industrial revolution, but also in the search for ever new, even better products and materials.

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Structural transformation

Spun horsehair for the best mattresses, horsehair for upholsterers and saddlers, plucked horsehair for brush production, dressed pig bristles for brush production, horsehair yarn for the textile industry, moulded hair for the furniture industry, moulded hair for car production, polyurethane moulded foam for car seat production - these are some milestones of the roviva history.

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Generation change

In the big book of the roviva family business, each generation writes its own chapter. But our values have always remained the same: the cultivation of our family traditions, the passion for craftsmanship, the high quality standards, the sustainable commitment to people and the environment and, of course, the love of a pleasurable night's sleep and of a small town on the banks of the River Aare in the middle of Switzerland.

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Experience industrial history

Our museum is open to all those interested in industrial history and textiles, pupils and students, and of course all our valued roviva customers. We look forward to welcoming you.

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