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Comfort pillow papillon nature

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Comfort pillow papillon natureAll Natural

The exceptional point elasticity of 100% natural Hevea latex offers the very softest sleeping sensations. Its dynamic supportive action always creates the perfect Position for your head and neck. The natural latex surface, with an air-vent design that Features multiple ventilation points, keeps the pillow cool and refreshing. Case design with silky-soft, double-stretch botanic viscose (pattern 434). Casing with zip closure, removable, washable at up to 60 °C. For side, back and front sleepers.

NackenstĂĽtzkissen papillon nature | roviva
  • Two comfort heights (9 and 11 cm)
  • Stabilization of the neck/neck area
  • Perfect support of the head
  • Optimal shoulder relief
  • Unhindered breathing in lateral position
  • Pillowcases in various colours


Matching jersey pillowcase for the papillon comfort pillow with zip closure, washable at up to 60 °C, available in the colours white, red, sand, grey and blue.


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