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Mattress selection

Frequently asked questions about choosing a mattress

  • Are roviva mattresses also available for allergy sufferers?

    The mattress versions with synthetic padding are washable up to 60° C. After washing, pull the mattress cover back into shape. It is best to dry it lying flat on a terry towel. Only after it is completely dry can the cover be put back on the mattress core.

  • Can private customers buy directly from roviva?

    The distribution of our products to end customers takes place exclusively via the specialized trade. A list of our retailers can be found under the list of dealers.

  • Which mattress would roviva recommend?

    Every person has a different feeling. What is suitable for your partner is not necessarily the same for you. Only YOU will find your personal feel-good mattress.

    Always visit a specialist retailer and get advice. Take enough time for the test lying.

    You can also get advice in our showroom. All roviva models are available for test lying. A telephone consultation is always difficult and does not necessarily lead to the desired result.

  • Is a hard or a soft mattress healthier?

    Neither, your ideal mattress should support you sufficiently and at the same time give you a comfortable feeling when lying down. Let us advise you without obligation in our showroom.

  • Does roviva offer special sizes for mattresses and system frames?

    We make (almost) everything possible. For more detailed information, please contact our sales team.

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  • Does the system frame also have to be changed when buying a new mattress?

    The inlay frame forms the basis of our bed. It takes over a large part of the support during sleep. It is on this frame that the mattress unfolds its lying comfort. Mattress and insert frame are coordinated components of a system. Both are developed together and in parallel at roviva to achieve the perfect sleeping experience. Therefore we recommend to take sufficient account of the insert frame when buying a mattress and to replace it together.

  • Are two separate mattresses recommended for two people?

    You two sleep in the middle? Then we recommend a continuous mattress with only one insert frame. If everyone lies on their side or if the couple's BMI is too different, you are more inclined to have 2 separate mattresses and insert frames to match your BMI.


Frequently asked questions about the warranty

  • Which warranty claims do the roviva sleeping systems have?

    On the serviceability of the mattress and the system frame we grant a full warranty of 2 years under normal use, which includes material and processing defects. For repairs or replacement from the 3rd year onwards, the warranty claim is reduced by 10% per year from the date of manufacture (pro-rata warranty for 10 years).

    For system frames with electrically adjustable components, including drives and beds, we provide a 2-year full warranty.

    For bedding (duvets and pillows) we offer a 2-year guarantee. Within this period, production and material defects will be repaired after return by replacing defective components or repairing them. For reasons of hygiene, used items will not be exchanged for new ones.

    The buyer bears the costs for transport and assembly in case of warranty claims. For a replacement mattress during this time he is responsible for it himself.

    For reasons of hygiene, we can only take back clean products and inspect them for warranty cases.

  • When does a warranty interruption apply?

    Our warranty service does not interrupt the current warranty period; no new warranty period begins to run. The warranty period begins with the date of manufacture.

  • What is excluded from the warranty?

    Not covered by warranty claims:

    • normal wear and tear
    • Consequences of improper use
    • unsuitable adjustment to the weight and size of the sleeper and incorrect use
    • Transport damage or other damage such as cracks, folds, torn off handles, defective zippers, soiling, e.g. through mildew stains (mould), consequential damage etc.
    • Defects that are due to a bad, defective or unsuitable insert frame or underlay.
  • Does the inherent odour of the mattress disappear?

    Every new product initially has a specific inherent odour. You do not need to worry about this, because the smell is harmless in every respect and disappears after a short time of use.

  • How is a warranty claim asserted?

    Please always keep your proof of purchase. In case of warranty claims, please contact the retailer where you purchased your product first. They will be happy to help you.

  • What is the life expectancy of a roviva mattress?

    For hygienic reasons, we recommend that the useful life of a mattress should not exceed 7-10 years. Your mattress will have served you well during this time.

Cleaning / Care

Frequently asked questions about care

  • What is the best way to clean the mattress?

    Gentle vacuuming of the mattress is sufficient for regular cleaning. All removable mattress covers can be dry cleaned. Washable versions are specially marked.

    Please observe the care instructions (sewn-in label).

  • Can the mattress cover be washed?

    For the washable versions with natural upholstery pads, choose the wool wash cycle, hand wash cycle or the gentle wash cycle at a maximum of 30° C. 

    Use only wool detergent and fill the washing drum to 1/3 of its capacity. Do not spin-dry the mattress cover.

    Please observe the sewn-in care instructions.

  • Is direct sunlight harmful to the mattress?

    Avoid direct sunlight on your exposed mattress core.

  • How do mould stains develop?

    Mould stains (mildew) may form at low room temperatures and with insufficient air circulation (e.g. box beds).

  • What is the ideal room temperature?

    A room temperature of 16-20 C° with a humidity of 45-60% is ideal for your mattress.

  • How does the mattress stay fresh?

    Regular ventilation of the bedroom guarantees a healthy and pleasant climate for you and your mattress.

    The mattress layers must breathe in order to be able to release the moisture absorbed during the night back into the air during the day. You should therefore let the mattress air out for at least half an hour before embedding it.

  • Does the mattress need to be turned?

    Yes, turn the mattress regularly (also lengthways), e.g. when you change the bed linen. This allows the materials to recover better and prevents one-sided wear.

    The only exception is the dream-away air natura mattress. Its core structure is designed in such a way that the mattress does not need to be turned, but only needs to be rotated regularly (clockwise).


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