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Not only because we spend a third of our lives asleep, sleep has a central role in our lives, but because it has a decisive influence on our health and provides quality of life.

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Experience ergonomic competence

Our ergonomic approach pays holistic attention to the body of the sleeper, taking into account the positioning of the sleeper from head to toe, in lateral, prone and supine positions.

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Comfort enjoyment for all senses

roviva optimally coordinates the criteria relevant to comfort, such as point elasticity, body support, pressure relief, freedom of movement and balance, to provide the perfect sleeping system for each individual.

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Feel climate balance

The sleeping person loses an average of half a litre of moisture per night and gives off heat when sleeping. The roviva sleeping system with its well thought-out composition and selected materials ensures a balanced, natural sleeping climate.

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Effective hygiene concept

The desire for hygiene in our society is growing. With the new hygiene functions, roviva guarantees safety that lets everyone sleep well and healthily.

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