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Manufacture bed auraCrafting with charakter

The solid wood bed roviva aura reveals itself in its slender, floating appearance. Here, pure natural wood is handcrafted into a timeless, elegant piece of furniture. Refined craftsmanship details harmonise with well thought-out functionality. The bed roviva aura is too beautiful to hide it only in the bedroom. Design Sandro holder.

Bett aura | roviva
  • Shapely, elegant manufacture bed
  • Choice between design or comfort height
  • Different headboards and bedside table variants
  • Various types of wood and all main dimensions
  • Design Sandro holder (sandrohalter.ch)
  • Made in Switzerland


An elegant harmony of materials and tapered bed feet with bevelled faces produce an overall
impression of weightlessness and airiness. But don't be fooled – the aura bed made from
natural wood is extremely stable. The base for the system frame can be fi tted at a variety of
positions so that the mattress can be set at the perfect sleeping height for you



For our natural wood bed roviva aura we only use wood from controlled, sustainable forestry. There are six beautiful natural wood types to choose from (beech heartwood, ash heartwood, oak, white ash, limed oak, walnut). Pick the height that's right for you: lower for a trendy aesthetic, or higher for even
more comfort. You have the choice of the headboard: irregular or linear relief, smooth or clad with fabric or simply without a headboard. You decide. Why not finish off your chosen design with one of our bedside tables? There are three versions to choose from.



Bett aura | roviva

Timeless elegance

The slender aura bed almost looks as though it is suspended above the floor. Pure natural wood is lovingly transformed into a timeless, elegant piece of furniture with exquisite details. And let's not forget that it's as functional as it is beautiful. This stunning bed really steals the limelight.

Bettfuss aura | roviva

Crafting with character

The signature feature of the aura bed is its slender feet, with their tapered design and bevelled faces. Carefully carved from a block of natural wood with the utmost precision and care, they are truly a marvel of design

Bett aura | roviva

Quality products

A vital part of any skilled craft is cultivating respect and appreciation for the materials and techniques used. Our joiners and wooden frame specialists, our upholsterers and our seamstresses are all masters of their craft, dedicated to making premium quality products and adept at handling raw materials with care. Our quality products are made with pride in Switzerland.

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