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New products in the mattress sky: Collection rovisky and rovistar

Our latest products are a dream for your sleep! The two new mattresses offer a heavenly sleeping experience and ensure a balanced body position. Experience ultimate comfort and restful nights with our innovative sleep products.

Mattress collection rovisky

Mattress collection rovistar

275 years of roviva - Anniversary page

Everything about our 275th anniversary: Video congratulations, 275 years in 275 seconds, blogs and, and, and...

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No future without tradition

Since 1748 we have been serving healthy sleep as an independent family business in the 9th generation.

Switzerland as a business location

In our manufactory in Wangen an der Aare, Swiss quality products of the highest value are manufactured to meet the most demanding requirements.

Wide awake for our customers

Our experience is the basis for our innovations. They are customer-oriented, sustainable and offer added value.