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dream-away contour

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dream-away contourSupport tailored to your contours

The roviva dream-away coutour inlay frame together with the mattresses in the dream-away line forms a perfectly coordinated sleeping system and thus offers maximum sleeping pleasure.

  • Precise contour adaptation
  • Extra-high spring travel
  • Height-adjustable spring elements
  • Ergonomically correct lying position
  • Extra width up to 160 cm


The free-floating system frame with extremely high spring deflection that extends beyond the edge zones means a level of customisation that has not been possible until now. The sophisticated spring element with fatigue-resistant spiral springs gently accommodates any pressure in a self-regulating process. Each individual spring element is also height-adjustable.



The slatted frame roviva dream-away contour is available in different versions, from manually adjustable to motorized adjustment. We also offer a anti-reflux insert frame as well as a anti-veins insert frame with tilted body position.

Frame hight 10.5 - 13.5 cm.

  • Model without adjustment options 
  • Model with raised head support
  • Model with raised back and foot support
  • Model reflux with tilted body position
  • Model veins system frame with raised head and long foot support
  • Model Matic A2
  • Model Matic A4


Adjustable shoulder support

The new dream-away contour system frame has a special treat for your shoulders. The spring elements in this area are set at a lower height and are much less stiff. The slats are also tensioned more flexibly. Thanks to these three adjustments, your shoulders have plenty of room to sink down into the mattress when you're lying on your side instead of getting squashed up uncomfortably.

From top to bottom

Every single spring element is height-adjustable. They can be easily hooked up at one of four different heights. For instance, raising the springs in the lower back region provides active support and relieves strain on the spine.

Closed Ring Design

Head and foot frame (6 cm) for a fully enclosed bed for setting on feet, warm grey.

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