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collection roflexaFlexible Support

The roflexa slatted frame is a free-floating basic insert frame with flexible TPE-E spring elements. With the individually adjustable middle zone reinforcement it can be optimally adapted to any body.

  • Flexible support
  • Elastic shoulder comfort zone
  • Individually adjustable mid-zone amplification
  • Extra width up to 160 cm
  • Ultra-flat, electrically adjustable version


The roflexa wooden frame has a 100% flexible lying surface that extends from the frame to the outermost edge of the bed. The elastic shoulder comfort zone provides additional relaxation and with the individually adjustable middle zone reinforcement the roflexa insert frame can be adapted to any body.



The slatted frame roflexa is available in different versions, from manually adjustable to motorized adjustment (ultra flat with absolute ground clearance). 

Frame hight 10,5 cm.

  • Model without adjustment options 
  • Model with raised head support
  • Model with raised head and foot support
  • Model Matic A2 with wireless remote control
  • Model Matic A2 with wired remote control

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