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Mattresses and system frames

The most important arguments for a mattress with matching system frame


Our mattresses take every aspect of the human body into consideration, down to the very last detail. This means that we can  offer smart solutions whatever your sleeping habits. The high resilience of our mattresses enables them to take the strain off your body and provide stability, so that you can enjoy complete freedom of movement while sleeping.

System frame

The roviva system frame is the foundation of our beds. The high degree of spring deflection and the elastic tension force of the slats guarantee that the body is optimally balanced.

Sleeping system

The mattresses and the system frame are optimally matched to each other. Together they form a team or harmonious system that supports and relieves your body perfectly. So you can enjoy maximum sleeping pleasure.

Solid foundation

The roviva system frame forms the base of the bed. It assumes the function of a foundation just like in house building. From non-adjustable to the motorized adjustable relax lounger, there are various designs.

Lifetime of the mattress

In order to support the ten-year life of the mattress in the best possible way, the corresponding slatted frame is the most important helper.

Perfect pressure relief

The high spring travel of the spring elements as well as the elastic tension of the spring slats of the system frame guarantee an optimal pressure absorption and balancing of the body.

Optimized aeration

We sweat naturally - every night. A system frame provides optimal ventilation of the mattress. This prevents the formation of mould and the mattress can breathe freely.

Individual body adaptation

Our dream-away contour system frames, as well as activa balance, adapt perfectly to the individual body contours. The spring elements are height adjustable and provide support where the body needs it.


Mattress and system frame form a team, together they bring the highest possible comfort pleasure.