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Sleep in its entirety

Sleep plays a central role in our lives, not only because we spend a third of our lives sleeping, but also because it greatly influences our health and quality of life.


Experience ergonomic understanding

Our ergonomic approach addresses all aspects of the sleeper's body and takes into account the position of the sleeper from head to toe, when sleeping on his or her side, stomach and back.


Supreme comfort for every sense

roviva balances the criteria relevant for comfort, i.e. point-by-point resilience, body support, pressure relief, freedom of movement and weight distribution, to optimal effect in order to offer the perfect sleeping system for every individual.


Experience ideal sleeping conditions

A sleeping person will lose on average half a litre of moisture per night and give off heat whilst sleeping. The roviva sleep system, with its intelligent design and select materials, ensures that a balanced, natural sleeping microclimate prevails.


Effective hygiene concept

The desire for higher levels of hygiene in our society is growing. Thanks to its new hygiene functions, roviva guarantees restful and healthy sleep for all.