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Whether 300 years ago or today: committed to good and healthy sleep

Good quality materials and careful workmanship are crucial for good mattresses and sleep systems. You don't want to end up like the fairytale princess on the pea... You can find more information on this topic in our third and final part of the anniversary blog series.

The importance of quality sleep for our health

Sleep is an essential part of our overall well-being and health. Without adequate quality sleep, we can suffer from physical, emotional and mental fatigue. Poor sleep can have a negative impact on our daily lives by making us less productive at work or school, making us more prone to mood swings or irritability, and can even promote long-term medical problems. Humans recover best when they sleep, which is why they spend - or at least should spend - around a third of their lives in bed. Good quality materials and careful workmanship are crucial for good mattresses and sleep systems.

275 years for the perfect sleep

In Wangen an der Aare, they have been working for 275 years to offer the best sleeping comfort. At the beginning of today's roviva, the technical possibilities and the materials available were admittedly more modest than today. Nevertheless, founder Johannes Roth and his successors left no stone unturned to produce the best possible products. On the one hand, they relied on high-quality materials, but they were also always on the lookout for innovations. Early after the steam engine had been discovered for industry, it came into use in Wangen an der Aare: in 1820. It allowed the raw materials to be processed mechanically. The installation of the first electric lighting and electrification of the factory from 1899 also testifies to progress. In 1927, the upholstery material was vulcanised in moulds and using latex milk, and from the late 1950s, foam, nylon and perlon were increasingly used. The use of horsehair was retained, which provided a comfortable body feeling as a support.

Modern production for good sleep in the new millennium

The urge to innovate applied then and of course still applies today - even more than ever. On the way into the new millennium, roviva acquired modern, CNC-controlled drilling and milling centres as well as woodworking machines. The production facilities have been continuously renewed and processes optimised in recent years. But not only the production facilities are up-to-date, the products themselves also meet the requirements for good, healthy sleep. roviva products perform very well in consumer tests and have won several design awards: the red dot design awards 2010 for the "dream-away" sleep system and the red dot design awards 2018 for the roviva "activa balance" system frame). The awards are proof that centuries-old tradition and innovation do not contradict each other. The development of the roviva Silverskin<sup>Ag </sup> with silver ions incorporated into the mattress fabric protects the sleeping person from house dust mites or their allergens. With the "roviva activa" insert frame, a system has been patented that uses a balance system to optimally balance the position of the back, and the height-adjustable spring elements in the "dream-away" insert frame adapt precisely to the contours of even extreme body shapes. Finally, the "Airbellows" support and ventilation elements ensure active and permanent ventilation of the mattress.

New sleeping comfort for a restful night's sleep

The anniversary year 2023 was taken as an opportunity to completely revamp the "dream-away" mattress line. In this way, company owner Peter Patrik Roth and his employees can ensure that everyone who trusts in roviva products can recover in the best possible way during sleep. So that the time that people spend in bed - after all, around a third of their lives - can be used optimally.

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