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activa balance

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activa balanceWith active Swiss Balance Support

Together with the mattresses of the activa line, the roviva activa balance insert frame forms a perfectly coordinated sleeping system and thus offers maximum sleeping pleasure.

Lattenrost activa balance 2037 | roviva
  • Perfect lying comfort with Swiss Balance Support
  • Contour-accurate support
  • Innovative technology for interactive and dynamic support of the whole body
  • Optimum pressure distribution and incomparable adaptability through adjustable spring elements
  • System frame made of FSC-certified wood


The wooden frame roviva activa balance finds a sustainable symbiosis in the Swiss Balance Support System, which enables you to have the best possible relaxation. The dynamically supporting spring elements guarantee a perfectly balanced support of the back, especially the shoulders and the pelvis.



The slatted frame roviva dream-away contour is available in different versions, from manually adjustable to motorized adjustment. We also offer a reflux insert frame with tilted body position.

Frame hight 10 - 12.5 cm.

  • Model without adjustment options 
  • Model with raised head support
  • Model with raised head and foot support
  • Model Matic A2
  • Model Matic A4


activa balance Lattenrost | roviva

Functionality and sustainability

The roviva activa balance system frame is made from carefully selected FSC-certifi ed beechwood, a material with exceptional elasticity and durability. The spring system has a lightweight, free-floating design that perfectly complements the expertly finished woodwork.

activa balance Lattenrost | roviva

Intelligent Swiss Balance Support

The interactive Swiss Balance Support system from roviva provides perfect balancing for your body, whatever your sleeping position. When a force is applied to the system frame in the pelvic region and / or the shoulder area, the spring element in the lumbar region is raised. This provides active support for the lower back and supports the natural curvature of the spine.

Schlafsystem activa | roviva

Shoulder support for tangible relief

In the shoulder region, the spring elements of the system frame have a large range of downward movement thanks to the Swiss Balance Support technology. This means that when you sleep on your side, you shoulder has plenty of room to sink into the mattress instead of getting squashed up uncomfortably.

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