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dream-away visco topper

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dream-away visco topper for loose placementFeeling of weightlessness

Maximize the pleasure of sleeping with a cuddly mattress topper from the dream-away line

  • Air-conditioning natural padding for a healthy and dry sleeping climate
  • roviva SilverskinAg protect against dust mites and unpleasant odours
  • Dynamic pressure relief for a floating reclining feeling

Materials used

Schweizer Schurwolle | roviva

Swiss virgin wool

Due to the strong crimping, it ensures a high air retention. In cold weather it protects because it retains heat. In hot weather it has a thermoregulatory and cooling effect. Swisswool certificate.

Tussah-Seide | roviva


The fine, soft wild silk is extremely kind to the skin. It has a strong temperature-balancing effect, ensuring a feeling of well-being on hot and cold nights. Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Swiss alpaca wool

Alpaca wool has unique thermal properties. Alpaca wool has a strong temperature balancing and insulating effect. In winter, the fibre stores the heat, in summer it repels the heat.

Core and comfort

This premium mattress topper made of viscoelastic Feelingpur with memory effect gives a soft, classic box spring feeling.

Core hight 5 cm, topper height approx. 8.5 cm.



Topper without zipper for loose placement on a mattress.

This topper is perfect for all loose placements on any mattress, particularly when used in a double bed over two mattresses. This topper can be turned over.



The dream-away mattress topper is available in the GrandeHygiène version. In the GrandeHygiène version, fine natural upholstery such as Swiss virgin wool, Swiss alpaca wool and tussah silk are quilted. They create a natural and dry sleeping climate. roviva Silverskin<sup>Ag</sup> blocks the reproduction of house dust mites and their allergens. The cover is washable and offers decisive hygiene advantages.


Comparison of products

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  • What is the best way to clean the mattress?

    Gentle vacuuming of the mattress is sufficient for regular cleaning. All removable mattress covers can be dry cleaned. Washable versions are specially marked.

    Please observe the care instructions (sewn-in label).

  • Can the mattress cover be washed?

    For the washable versions with natural upholstery pads, choose the wool wash cycle, hand wash cycle or the gentle wash cycle at a maximum of 30° C. 

    Use only wool detergent and fill the washing drum to 1/3 of its capacity. Do not spin-dry the mattress cover.

    Please observe the sewn-in care instructions.

  • Is direct sunlight harmful to the mattress?

    Avoid direct sunlight on your exposed mattress core.

  • How do mould stains develop?

    Mould stains (mildew) may form at low room temperatures and with insufficient air circulation (e.g. box beds).

  • What is the ideal room temperature?

    A room temperature of 16-20 C° with a humidity of 45-60% is ideal for your mattress.

  • How does the mattress stay fresh?

    Regular ventilation of the bedroom guarantees a healthy and pleasant climate for you and your mattress.

    The mattress layers must breathe in order to be able to release the moisture absorbed during the night back into the air during the day. You should therefore let the mattress air out for at least half an hour before embedding it.

  • Does the mattress need to be turned?

    Yes, turn the mattress regularly (also lengthways), e.g. when you change the bed linen. This allows the materials to recover better and prevents one-sided wear.

    The only exception is the dream-away air natura mattress. Its core structure is designed in such a way that the mattress does not need to be turned, but only needs to be rotated regularly (clockwise).