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Mattresses dream-away

dream-away impérial mattress core

Mattress dream-away impérial

roviva dream-away impérial provides for natural and enjoyable sleep. Thanks to a unique ventilation system, when lying on the mattress every part of the body receives a continual supply of oxygen. The air bellows embedded in the mattress core aerate the entire mattress with each body movement. This prevents uncomfortable hot spots and allows the body to regenerate itself thanks to a permanent supply of oxygen.

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dream-away air latex mattress core

Mattress dream-away air latex

The dream-away air-latex mattress impresses through its sensation of pressure relief when lying down. Whilst on the mattress, each part of the body is continuously supplied with oxygen: roviva dream-away air-latex is wellness at its best.

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dream-away air space mattress core

Mattress dream-away air space

Experience the utmost in sleep enjoyment thanks to the dual-action support of roviva dream-away air-space. The unique ventilation system provides sufficient oxygen to every part of the body. Thanks to embedded air bellows, the dream-away air-space mattress becomes aerated afresh with every body movement.

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matratze dream-away climaxx kern

Mattress dream-away climaxx

The best possible support, pressure relief for the body and an ideal sleeping microclimate are all needed for healthy and restful sleep. The unique air-circulation & support system provides for an ideal sleeping microclimate and extremely comfortable support by the mattress. roviva dream-away climaxx will enhance all aspects of your well-being.

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dream-away byblos mattress core

Mattress dream-away byblos

The roviva dream-away byblos mattress offers extra-soft resting comfort. Enjoy the pressure-relieving lying sensation of this mattress innovation. Fleecy natural padding layers and 100% natural latex with point-by-point resilience mould gently to your body.

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mattress dream-away evos core

Mattress dream-away evos

Experience an incomparable feeling of weightlessness with roviva dream-away evos. The interactive action of this new pocket-spring core mattress will become apparent at the first touch. The large air volume in the dream-away evos mattress provides for an optimal sleeping microclimate and perfect weight distribution.

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topper dream-away white

dream-away Topper

A premium mattress topper for a traditional box-spring sensation.

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