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Mattresses activa

mattress roviva activa nature core

Mattress activa nature

roviva activa mattresses are made from natural and sustainable raw materials. The use of 100% natural latex (FSC-certified) provides perfect body support. Three firmness ratings are provided for every sleep need.

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mattress roviva activa spring core

Mattress activa spring

The roviva activa spring mattress offers dynamic support: let yourself fall and the interactive springs will cushion you immediately. The mattress surface of the roviva activa spring is made of pure 100% natural latex. For softness and sublime pressure relief. What's more, the two composite horsehair and natural latex mattress layers will stabilise and counterbalance your body to perfection.

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mattress roviva activa pure core

Mattress activa pure

When frantic dreamers roll, toss or turn, the activa pure mattress will provide ultra-soft, resting comfort. The ergonomically designed mattress core of the roviva activa pure will gently absorb every bodily turn, however abrupt. For sublime comfort and a better night's sleep.

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roviva activa sleep system

Experience roviva activa, the sustainable sleep system with unique technology! 

Experience activa!