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roviva dream-away mattress, white

Mattresses dream-away

The natural materials used in roviva dream-away mattresses provide snugness and suppleness. The roviva dream-away product range comprises six quality Swiss mattresses for supreme sleep enjoyment.

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roviva activa mattress cover, white

Mattresses activa

roviva activa mattresses are made from natural and sustainable raw materials. The use of 100% natural latex (FSC-certified) provides perfect body support. Three firmness ratings are provided for every sleep need.

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roviva collection mattress cover, white

Mattresses collection

The roviva collection sees bed-making craftsmanship, tradition and progress combined to allow the creation of superb mattresses. Cleanliness and hygienic freshness ensure that healthy sleep prevails. Discover the five quality mattresses in the roviva collection range.

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roviva activa sleep system

Mattress comparison

Compare the quality mattresses from roviva and choose the mattress that best suits your personal sleep needs.

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