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roflexa frame system

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The roviva roflexa frame system in overview

The roviva roflexa frame system is a freely-movable base frame insert with flexible SBS spring elements. Thanks to its individually adjustable central-zone reinforcement, the roviva roflexa can be optimally configured to accommodate every body.


Advantages of roviva roflexa

  • Flexible support
  • Resilient shoulder comfort zone
  • Individually adjustable centre-zone reinforcement
  • Extra-wide versions of up to 160 cm available
  • Ultra-flat, electrically-adjustable option

Compare roviva's frame systems and choose the bed base that best suits your body.

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roflexa construction


The roviva roflexa frame system has a 100% flexible mattress support surface that extends across the frame to the extremities of the bed. The resilient shoulder comfort zone provides additional relaxation and the individually adjustable central-zone reinforcement enables the roviva roflexa frame system to adapt to every body.

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Options, prices and details

The roviva roflexa frame system is available in various versions, from manually adjustable to motor adjustable.

The roviva roflexa frame system is available from CHF 395.–.

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