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Frame systems

dream-away contour models

dream-away contour frame system

Dynamically supportive spring elements enable the roviva dream-away contour frame system to conform precisely to the contours of the sleeper's body.

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systemrahmen activa balance

activa balance frame system

Innovative technology melds with nature for an unsurpassed sleep experience. The roviva activa balance frame system adapts to your body in every sleeping position, counterbalances it and offers the most natural sleep enjoyment.

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frame system roflexa red white

roflexa frame system

The roviva roflexa frame system is a freely-movable base frame insert with flexible SBS spring elements. Thanks to its individually adjustable central-zone reinforcement, the roviva roflexa can be optimally configured to accommodate every body.

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frame system design-flat red white

design flat frame system

The roviva design flat frame system is perfect for beds with a shallow installation depth. With its frame height of only 4.5 cm, it is the flattest frame system in the collection product range.

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frame system stabilo

stabilo frame system

The roviva stabilo is a sturdy base frame system with extra-wide sprung slats that are permanently secured.

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roviva frame system

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