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All-seasons down duvet GrandeHygi├Ęne

Duvet GrandeHygi├ĘneComfortable bed warmth

This all-seasons duvet has a high thermal value. It consists of 90% new, pure, extra-fluffy goose down form Canada (exclusively Northern Goose Quality) and 10% goose feathers. The case is made of supersoft fine batiste 100% cotton with roviva SilverskinAg and washable up to 60 ┬░C.

Ganzjahres-Daunen-Duvet | roviva
  • High heat value (W4)
  • Finest Northern Goose quality
  • Anti-mite protection roviva SilverskinAg
  • All sizes available
  • Washable up to 60 ┬░C

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