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aura solid wood bed

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The roviva aura solid wood bed reveals itself as graceful and seemingly floating. Only pure natural wood is selected and then crafted into a timeless, elegant item of furniture. Artfully handcrafted details complement intelligent functionality. The roviva aura solid wood bed is too beautiful to be hidden away solely in the bedroom.


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Options, prices and details

We use wood species from inspected, sustainably managed forests exclusively for our roviva aura solid wood bed. Select from six stunningly beautiful natural woods. The bed can be set up at a comfort height which is higher and eases getting into bed, or at a lower designer height. You can select from the following design options for the headboard: Relief random, relief parallel, plain or upholstered, or simply without headboard. The choice is yours to make. To complement the bed, a choice of three suspended bedside tables is available.

The roviva aura solid wood bed is available from CHF 2440.–.

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