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Added value

Mattress fibres

Inspired by nature

Extremely voluminous natural padding layers like pure new Swiss wool, the finest tussar silk and soft baby camel hair provide naturally for a balanced sleeping microclimate and pleasant snugness.


Breathable mattress

Innovative Airvent perforations

In roviva's Airvent technology, each of the core layers is given perforations across its entire surface. Up to 6,000 vertical Airvent perforations per m2 give the mattress core an incomparably high permeability to air.


Sustainable mattress

Sustainable and environmentally-friendly

Our pure natural latex is made of 100% renewable natural rubber of the highest quality. This point-by-point resilient, premium material offers incomparable resting comfort and dynamic body support.


Mattress added value

Floating sensation

Feelingpur, the visco-elastic foam with shape memory, provides optimal pressure relief and a feeling of weightlessness. The body will sink gently into the mattress without any noticeable resistance, until it achieves the desired support.


The first to have air bellows

The air bellows embedded in the mattress core aerate the mattress with each body movement. They function like small lungs which inhale and exhale. What's more, their mobilising spring action provides for an anatomically-correct support of the spine.


Bedded on clouds

Bedded on clouds

An array of highly flexible pocket springs will closely hug the sleeper's body contours and accommodate their movements. The fatigue-free dynamism and elasticity of the pocket springs, plus perfection in air exchange, leave nothing to be desired.


Mattress hygiene

SilverskinAg added-value hygiene

Silver ions on the wafer-thin silver yarn will naturally inhibit the spread of potential microorganisms like house dust mites, bacteria and micro-fungi on the mattress permanently. Greater hygiene and greater purity. 


roviva air-flow membrane

Breathable air-flow membranes

Circumferential air-flow membranes in the mattress cover guarantee an unimpeded air exchange. Fresh air can readily reach the mattress interior and warm air can be vented out. Unpleasant heat build-up cannot occur in the first place.


Supported frame system

Anatomically-correct support

The dream-away contour sleep system can be configured precisely to the body contours of the sleeper. Each spring element is height adjustable and makes individual accommodation possible from head to toe.


Counterbalancing by frame system

Weight distribution and support

The Feelingpur flex slatted base is distinguished by a mattress support surface made up of individual air-cushions. The cushioning element supports the body precisely and accommodates every movement during sleep perfectly.