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roviva dream-away mattress, white


Feel how your mattress moulds precisely to your body. Experience how your anatomy is supported perfectly and in a balanced way along the entirety of your body.

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roviva frame systems and slatted frames

Frame systems

The frame system forms the basis of every bed. It ensures that the weight of our body is distributed in the best possible manner.

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Mattress production

Added value

Finest materials, innovative technology and skilled craftsmanship all combine to provide restful sleep.

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roviva beds


Your bed is your personal retreat – an oasis of peace and relaxation. It is where your dreams take flight. Discover how traditional, skilled craftsmanship is applied to highest-quality natural wood. 

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roviva bedding


Our airy duvets and pillows will complete your personal sleeping system. Together, they will give you the sensation of heavenly slumber.

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mattress materials


We attach great importance to using only premium grade materials. Only the best is good enough for your restful sleep. 

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