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We extend a two-year full warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship on the usability under normal conditions of the mattress and the frame system. For repairs or replacements, the warranty entitlement after the 3rd year will reduce by 10% per year from the date of manufacture (pro-rata warranty for 10 years).

We extend a full two-year warranty on frame systems that have electrically-adjustable components, including drives and beds.

A warranty period of two years applies to bedding (duvets and pillows). Within this period, production and material defects will be rectified after the return of the item by replacing defective components or repairing them. For reasons of hygiene, used items cannot be exchanged for new products.

The purchaser is responsible for bearing any transport and installation-related costs in the case of a warranty claim. The purchaser is personally responsible for sourcing a replacement mattress during this period.

For reason of hygiene, we can only accept clean products and assess these for warranty claims.

Our warranty makes no provision for suspending the current warranty period; similarly, a new warranty period cannot commence from a later date. The warranty period commences from the date of manufacture.

The following are not be covered by the warranty:

  • Normal wear
  • Consequences of improper use
  • An inappropriate match to the weight and height of the sleeper, as well as improper use
  • Transport damage or other damage such as tears, creases, detached handles, defective zippers, soiling due to mildew, consequential damage, etc.
  • Defects resulting from an inadequate, defective or unsuitable frame insert or similar support.

Every new product will initially have its own specific odour. This should give you no cause for concern; the odour is entirely harmless and will disappear after a short period of use.

Please always keep your proof of purchase. In the event of warranty claims, please firstly contact the dealer from whom you purchased your product. The dealer will be pleased to assist you further.

Would you like further information about what is covered under our company's warranties? You are welcome to contact our sales team by telephone (+41 32 631 12 22) or by email