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Do you have any questions about our products or services? We have compiled a listing of the most common questions for you here.

The sale of our products to end customers takes place exclusively through specialist dealers. A listing of our sales outlets can be found under Bed Test Centres/Dealers.

For reasons of hygiene, we recommend that the useful life of a mattress should not be extended beyond 7-10 years. Your mattress will have served you well during this time.

Everyone's experience and sensation of comfort will be different. What might be suitable for your partner will not necessarily be right for you. Only YOU can determine which mattress is best and most comfortable for you.

We always recommend that you visit a specialist dealer and receive knowledgeable advice. Please allow sufficient time to test each mattress and bed. Naturally, you are also most welcome to visit our showroom for advice. All of the roviva models are available for testing.

The provision of advice by telephone is always fraught with difficulty and will not necessarily result in the desired outcome.


Neither. Your ideal mattress should offer you sufficient support, yet also give you a pleasant feeling when lying down. Please visit our showroom to receive no-obligation advice and information.

Our mission is to make (practically) everything possible. Please get in touch with our sales team for more information.

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Since the mattress has been designed to be symmetrical, it should be turned both lengthwise and crosswise at least every two to three months.

The exception to this are mattresses in the feelingpur range. These cannot be turned over. The head section can only be rotated to become the foot end.

Please get in touch with our sales team for further information.

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That will depend on the model. Mattresses with a non-removable cover cannot be cleaned. For mattresses with a removable cover, the mattress cover can be either washed or dry-cleaned. Please always follow the care instructions which are sewn into the mattress cover.

Please refer to the Care section for further care recommendations.

The frame insert forms the base of our bed. It undertakes a large part of the support during sleep and the resting comfort of the mattress originates from it. The mattress and frame insert are coordinated components of a single system. At roviva, both are developed together and in parallel to provide the perfect sleep experience. We therefore recommend that, when purchasing a mattress, sufficient attention is paid to the frame insert and that this is also replaced at the same time.

We extend a two-year full warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship on the usability under normal conditions of the mattress and the frame system. For repairs or replacements, the warranty entitlement after the 3rd year will reduce by 10% per year from the date of manufacture (pro-rata warranty for 10 years).

We extend a full two-year warranty on frame systems that have electrically-adjustable components, including drives and beds.

Similarly, we provide a two-year warranty on our bedding products, such as duvets and pillows.

Further information can be found under the Warranty heading.

Do you both sleep in the middle of the mattress? If so, we recommend a continuous mattress with only one frame insert. If each of you sleep on your side or if your individual BMIs differ greatly, you would be better off with 2 separate mattresses and frame inserts that match each individual's BMI.

We are here to answer your questions. Please get in touch with us using our contact form.