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Mattress care

Turn your mattress regularly (also lengthways), i.e. when you change the bed linen. This will allow the mattress materials to recover more fully and prevent one-sided wear.

Regular airing of your bedroom will ensure a healthy and pleasant climate for you and your mattress.

A room temperature of 16-20 °C with humidity of 45-60% is ideal for your mattress.

The mattress padding layers need to be able to breathe so that the moisture absorbed during the night can be released into the air again during the day. For this reason, please allow the mattress to air for at least half an hour before making up the bed.

Mildew stains (mould) can form when room temperature is low and air circulation is poor (i.e. captain or chest beds).

Gentle vacuuming across the mattress will suffice for regular cleaning.

All removable mattress covers can be dry-cleaned. Washable covers are specially marked as such. Please observe the care instructions (sewn-in labels).

Select the wool wash cycle, hand wash cycle or gentle wash cycle at a maximum of 30 °C for washable versions with padding of natural materials. Only use wool detergent for washing and only fill the washing drum 1/3 full.

Do not spin-dry the mattress cover

Mattress versions that have synthetic padding layers are washable up to 60 °C. After it has been washed, pull the mattress cover back into shape. The cover can be best dried on a terry towel on a flat surface. After it is fully dry, the cover can be pulled back over the mattress core.

Try to avoid exposing the uncovered mattress core to direct sunlight.

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