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Manufacturing centre

Swiss Made

roviva take 'Swiss made' to be a quality promise that is given afresh every day. With our long-standing experience, the entirety of our skills and knowledge, and a great deal of passion. In our factory in Wangen an der Aare, Swiss products of the highest quality are manufactured to satisfy the most demanding needs. We are continuing to invest in Switzerland as an industrial centre.


Finest craftsmanship

More than 65 employees work with the greatest care, diligence and select materials to produce high-quality Swiss mattresses and sleep systems. This manufacturing sees highly-skilled craftsmanship combined with the use of state-of-the-art machinery.


Everything under a single roof

Both the production and fabrication of our mattresses and frame systems are characterised by a high degree of vertical integration in our production processes. This high level of in-house production guarantees a high degree of oversight and flexibility, but also fosters innovativeness and the acquisition of expertise.



In all of our endeavours to find perfect solutions and strive for maximum sleeping comfort, we continually remain mindful of who remains centremost for all our interests – our customers. All of our thinking and actions are driven by this. Accordingly, our innovations are always sustainable.